Mycoroot™ (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

Mycoroot, the home of mycorrhizal fungi. An organic microbial fertilizer that boosts yield and production by enhancing soil health and plant root functioning.

Our Vision

Develop and produce a high quality microbial product to ensure superior plant growth for the SADEC region, underpinned by exceptional professional and scientific knowledge and service.

Mission Statement

To use itís intellectual and human resources to achieve economic growth through the sustainable development and use of beneficial soil microorganisms, by providing a range of high quality, indigenous microbial products and services to the crop production and rehabilitation industries.


Suppliers of mycorrhizas which are a commercially available soil amendment product containing indigenous AM fungal species Their presence results in;
  • increased uptake of nutrients and water,
  • increased soil biological activity,
  • improved soil structure and aeration,
  • reduced effects from drought,
  • reduced effects from root pathogens,
  • reduced chemical inputs and environmental damage.

These beneficial fungi are natureís own way of boosting plant growth and providing an intimate link with a more healthy soil environment.

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